sHSPdb contains non-redundant, full-length and curated sequences of sHSP, classified on the basis of amino acids motifs and physico-chemical properties. Data are mainly related to various physico-chemical properties of the amino acids sequences of sHSP.

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HSPIR is a manually curated online database which provides comprehensive information on six major Heat Shock Proteins(HSPs) viz., sHsp (HSP20), Hsp40 (J-Proteins), Hsp70 (DnaK/Ssa), Hsp60 (Chaperonin), Hsp90 (HtpG) and Hsp100 (Clp).

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Chaperonins are a diverse family of molecular chaperones that are present in the plastids, mitochondria, and cytoplasm of eukaryotes and bacteria .The family is divided into group I (CPN60, also known as Hsp60 or GroEL) and group II (CCT, TriC or thermosome).

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1.How to find the information you want on the database?

The database provides information about the sequence of the HSF gene family in the four classifications. The sequence information can be seen through browse, and the species to which the gene belongs can be retrieved through search. It can also be downloaded.

2.How to download the sequence you want on the database?

First of all, you need to determine what kind of sequence you want to download. There are four kinds of classifications: dicotyledons, monocotyledons, other higher plant and lower plants. Then there are many species under each type. You choose the kind you want to download. The database provides two files, one XLS format and one zip format.

3.What do Hsf name and Gene name represent respectively?

Gene name stands for the name of the gene itself, while Hsf name is renamed. Each gene has a unique Hsf name, and the database uses a newly renamed Hsf name in the search.

4. What are the two formats available for download?

The XLS file corresponds to Hsf name and Gene name.Users can download their own sequence according to this file. The ZIP formatcontains all Hsf gene sequence information of a species.

5. What if you can't find the desired sequence?

At present, the database has just been built, and the data is not complete enough. If the sequence information you need can not be queried on this database, please contact us.

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